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B.E.S.T. Principles


The Balance Principle

A weighted formula that explicitly denotes holistic modeling and trade-off implications when confronted with constraints.

We create, monitor and evolve dashboards at three (3) levels:
• Individual  • Organizational •  Community


The Equity Principle

A stewardship measurement that ensures a positive correlation between access, mobility and influence and the breadth and depth of an individual’s dreams, competence and discipline.

We utilize our proprietary evaluation tool to gauge the magnitude of fairness in proposed and completed trades.


The Sustainability Principle

A stewardship measurement that ensures one’s ability to meet present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

We bring trusted energy and water data and innovative technologies to reduce costs and improve human well being.


The Transparency Principle

A stewardship measurement that denotes an individual or organization’s willingness to be open and honest with their intents and information.

As part of our proprietary tool to evaluate Equity, we include a T-Rating to quantify transparency in proposed and completed trades.


The Market Context

A Global Talent Crunch: The Conference Board warns businesses to prepare for labor shortages in the U.S. and other developed economies around the world. (The Conference Board, Not Enough Workers, July 2014)

Migration Will Matter: State report calls attention to the rising importance of talent retention & attraction to MN’s economic competitiveness and quality of life. (MN State Demographic Center, MN On The Move, January 2015)

Work Environment & Retention: A team of Hamline MBA students extensively researched 20 different reputable published sources, over a semester and determined a clear correlation between work environment and retention. (Hamline MBA Program, THOR Sustainability Final Project, August 2015)


The Market Solution

Investors, Corporations and Government must start incorporating HCO standards into their real estate transactions, valuations and service offerings in order to maximize long term value.

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