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The Companies

We deliver SMART models for utility management in human-centric built environments, via optimizing the 4C’s: Cost, Climate,Comfort & Connectivity.
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Our (6) services offerings include the following:

  1. Bill Audits
  2. Utility Bill Pay
  3. Tenant & Solar Billings
  4. Solar PPAs
  5. Enerchange-non-profits
  6. Digital Stewardship Platform – engageent

Our Customers represent a reputable and diverse group of utility users that see JIT as a long-term strategic partner, including but not limited to:

We deliver a multi-party, digital platform for customers that want to optimize human outcomes and financial value, via improved connectivity. We accelerate engagement, education & innovation.

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We improve connectivity and outcomes in (7) distinct ways;

  1. Increase accessibility to data outside of public and community meetings
  2. Increase anonymity and confidentiality of voices and input
  3. Provide more alternative solutions to avoid perception of one-way thinking
  4. Improve education around trade-off implications of decisions
  5. Create a centralized data management system to improve coordinated communication among all parties
  6. Enable real-time ideation from all community members
  7. Enable real-time voting from all community members

We deliver SMART models for consulting, coaching and motivational speaking for select individuals, organizations & communities. We create a generative value paradigm by clearly defining the P.R.I.C.E. of excellence.

Our 5-step process ensures tangible ways to augment your intuitive decision making.
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